The Scotsman´s article 20th anniversary – April 2002

‘You never get over it, but I have a double problem. I was fighting against Brits, people who were as good as family’

By Sophie Arie

In their peaceful home in the depths of the Argentine pampas, Michael Savage and his family eat mint sauce with their lamb and then tuck into apple crumble for dessert. Their home is uncannily British, right down to the tea cosy. Only the barebacked horses roaming freely in the garden remind you this is Argentina.
Two shaggy-haired Highland cattle stare down from a painting above the mantelpiece. And on one wall there is a photo of Savage’s grandmother – whose British parents emigrated to Argentina when it was a land of hope and prosperity early last century – posing proudly in a kilt and beret.

But wait, there’s more!